Product Highlight: BumDuo by MommySwami

Monday, November 9, 2009

When I attended the Houston BIRTH fair last month, I was privileged to meet Bonnie and Juliet, creators of a new, all natural diaper rash preventative and healing solution. They are based here in Houston and call their family run company MommySwami. A little about their products:

The Bum Keeper: preventative care--keeps baby's bum healthy by creating a protective barrier of organic, nourishing essential oils. Gentle enough for use at every diaper change, sweet almond oil and olive oil combine with a blend of antibacterial and calming essential oils to keep those cheeks sweet. Doubles as a soothing massage oil for baby and/or mommy.

Don't Worry-Bum Happy: a unique and effective blend of organic essential oils designed to heal and soothe diaper rash (including angry pustules and beastly yeast). Contains no petro-chemicals or fish oils that could be harmful to baby (or cloth diapers). Naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory. (note: not intended for preventative care...for maintenance, choose Bum Keeper.

The Bum Keep and Don't Worry-Bum Happy are available in a Duo pack in the baby, naturally store. Discounted for a limited time! More info here!


  1. Hey Kelly,

    Can these be used without a barrier on cloth diapers, or do they need to have a liner?



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