on the road again

Thursday, November 19, 2009
I haven't posted in awhile.  I apologize to all those who have been checking in lately only to find a whole bunch of nothing...

We leave for Omaha in the morning.  And by morning, I mean practically middle of the night.  For us, anyway. Our flight takes off at 6:45 AM, meaning we need to be leaving the house by NO LATER than 5:00, meaning I should probably go to bed now if I have any intention on waking up by 4:15.  We have cut this flight close before thinking the airport would be dead that early in the morning.  Not the case, friends.  Apparently, pre-sunrise is the time for travel out of Houston! We made the flight last time by the skin of our teeth (what does this phrase mean, anyway???) and with a huge amount of thanks for having Lincoln, thus allowing us to go through the family lane at security.  Family lane:  2 minute wait.  Regular traveler lane:  15 minute wait.  Those 13 minutes saved meant we were on the plane.

I am going to try to get Lincoln's 11 month (seriously, that doesn't seem real) post together before we go.  I am also in full out birthday planning mode for Lincoln.  If I get my blogging act back together, I'll share some of the projects I'm working on in the near future!

I have a few pictures for the road.  I laugh out loud EVERY time I look at this first picture.  EVERY time.  Laughing right now, in fact.  He is hilarious!

Want to guess how much actually ended up in his belly?  Yeah.  Not much.  But he sure had fun (as did Lucas, who you can thank for the pasta on his head) : )


  1. Kelly, I laughed so loud I woke Caroline up from her nap! I was hoping that Lincoln did it himself :)...but that doesn't make it any less funny. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Aren't you so glad you have a dog to help clean up the mess. Whiskey loves the stage when most of the food ends up on the floor or on a child she can lick:)

  3. SOOO cute and hilarious! He looks like he is having fun and he is EATING yay!

    Good luck with your trip! Have fun!


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