11 Months!

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Somehow, nearly a year has passed since this little guy joined our family.  I really can't believe he is going to be turning one in less than a month!  Lucas and I have been commenting lately on how old he is looking--walking around, wearing miniature pants and shirts instead of onesies, babbling conversations to anything that moves, playing with the dog...such a big guy!

New milestones:
  • Officially graduated into fulltime walking!  He spends hours each day zooming around the house or yard, carrying something, chasing the dog, pushing a box...busy, busy!
  • More teeth!  Last month, he cut a tooth on his 10 month birthday.  This month, he got 2 more (both on top)!
  • His hair is getting sooo long.
  • Although he still isn't a big fan of eating, he is much less resistant now that he can use a spoon all by himself!  Yes, the mess is epic, but dinner is much more enjoyable without a fussy baby : )
  • We went to the park this month, where Lincoln swallowed a rock (the entire playground was covered in pebbles...waaaay too tempting for little babies).  3 days later, the rock reappeared.  Fun times.
  • First Halloween!  He was an adorable giraffe.
  • Favorite things to say:  digadigadigadigadiga.  mama.  dad.  deg (dog).  dut (duck).  amahamahamahamaha.  eeeeeeeee!  tikatikatikatikatika.  babababababa.  up.  
  • He is starting to sign all done.
  • So close to waving!
  • He is a pro at pointing.
  • Pets the dog--especially his teeth.  Strange fascination with petting the dog's teeth.  Luckily, Wembley doesn't mind.
  • Can't get enough of being outside!  Now that it's nice out, we wait outside for daddy to get home from work every afternoon.  And if I open the door to let the dog out, there are tears unless we go out too.
  • He has started the cutest game ever....he will just be going about his business, then stop what he is doing and lay down on the floor.  Then he'll grin at you and stand back up.   He does this on the floor, anywhere there is a pillow, on the couch....so cute.
  • He looooves to feed people.  He will feed us blocks, spoons, whatever he is supposed to be eating for lunch, hairbrushes, sticks....he also enjoys doing this to Wembley.  Wembley is more than happy to oblige.
  • Going to sleep a little easier...still waking up at night, but the initial part is easier.

Walking is a bit harder in the giant winter coat at Grandma's.
We went to visit the field of flags on Veteran's Day.
Holding his cup while we were out on a walk.
Such a good helper in the kitchen.
Winter coat up in Omaha...just waiting for snow!

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  1. my favorite milestone is that he touches Wemby's teeth. Hilarious.

    I'm MAD IMPRESSED by his walking skills, too. Well done, Linc!


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