Green Smoothie...definitely green

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Since Lincoln isn't a huge fan of eating, I try to cram as many nutrients as I can into one food that he seems to like: smoothies. Today was my first foray into the land of green smoothies. This particular smoothie is a combo of applesauce, frozen mango, raspberries, milled flax seeds, and kale. Lincoln ate every last drop. Ok, not every drop. He may have gotten a little bit on his face....


  1. It looks like he did everything he could to either eat the smoothie or wear it. He definitely enjoyed it.

  2. Good to the last drop...I guess. Must taste better than oatmeal :]
    Love you, Lincoln.

  3. Based on all that I see on Lincoln and do we know for sure that he ate any? :]

  4. Okay, I feel like I keep saying this, but, TOO CUTE! My parents used to put me in a high chair with my food and lay a tarp around me. You might want to do the same... :)

  5. he hasn't quite mastered the spoon to mouth thing yet. Happy and cute, though! Can't wait to see him next month!

  6. YAY! he ate it! sooo happy! i was going to do a tutorial on a green smoothie but it looks like you have a happy customer and should do it instead!


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