Sunday Suppers: Mango Pork Pitas

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are having a fend-for-yourself dinner night today, so no cooking for me!  That also means no fantastic dinner to share with you all.  Instead, let me introduce you to my lunch from Tuesday.  On Monday, Lucas grilled us up some delicious pork chops and we had enough leftover for lunch the next day.  I had originally just warmed up a single pork chop, but it just looked so boring sitting there alone on the plate.  So, I found some whole wheat pita pockets in the fridge, sliced up the pork chop and tossed it in the pita with some green leaf lettuce.  I was about to dig in when I remembered the mango chutney sitting in the cabinet.  I decided it was worth a go, so in went a tablespoon or so.  Result:  delicious.  Mango chutney is one of my new favorite sandwich accessories.  I don't do mayo, so it makes a handy substitute.  

There isn't really a need for a recipe here, but in keeping with the continuity of the other Sunday Supper posts, I feel obligated to add one.  So...

Mango Pork Pitas
Sliced pork (great use for leftovers!).  Chicken would also be tasty.
mango chutney (this can be found with the Indian spices in the grocery store)
pita pockets

Reheat pork.  Place into pita with remaining ingredients.  


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