I heart faces entry: sepia tone

Monday, June 15, 2009

This week's I faces theme is sepia tone. I had a tough time choosing a picture for this theme--I don't often use sepia tone and thought it would work best with an old-timey, old-fashioned looking photo...of which I have very few to choose from! So, I did a lot of experimenting and below are my 2 favorites:

My Kids entry:
We took Lincoln to the beach for the first time on Mother's Day.  His reaction was less than enthused (perhaps terrified would be a more accurate term?).  This picture is him nervously eyeing the water--"I'm watching you, ocean.  Don't mess with me--or, or...waaaaa!!"


My Adults entry:
A couple weeks ago we went to a surprise party for Lucas' Dad.  This is Lucas' Dad's Dad (that would be Lucas' grandpa and Lincoln's Great-Grandpa) waiting for the birthday boy to arrive.  I think it is a great picture, and the sepia tone just made it seem classy, don't you think?

You can enter too at i ♥ faces before 9:00 CST tonight!


  1. That is such a great picture of Ricky's dad-I am going to print it out for Ricky.


  2. great photos, love Lucas' grandfather

  3. awesome entries! the second one is classic.

  4. These are some great pictures!

  5. LOVE the adult entry. Winner or at least top 10 i'm hoping :)

    AND your Menu bar looks AWESOME! totally rocks!

  6. Those are great pictures.

    I love the new site design.

  7. great photos, I love the adult entry.


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