6 Months?!!

Friday, June 19, 2009
Today, Lincoln in 6 months old. I can't believe a half a year has gone by so fast! He has changed so much and I feel like I can't video tape him enough to capture all the changes (but don't worry, I still try! We have hours upon hours of Lincoln sitting, rolling, smiling, laughing, etc. to edit!). We are planning the big excitement for tomorrow--Lincoln's first food (ok, first REAL food. As evidenced by the video below, he has tried eating before--but we don't count that as REAL food). I am so excited--and even if he doesn't eat it, it will still be a glorious, colorful mess! So, for today, I have some pictures from the past month and two videos to share. Tomorrow we will post the big food adventure and his 6 month photo shoot!

But, let's not forget those milestones! Over the past month, Lincoln has:
  • Started to recognize our voices--if he is waking up from a nap and is upset, we can start talking in the hallway and he will calm down when he hears our voices.
  • Become bashful.  When he is being held and someone comes up to him, he will give them a big smile and then bury his face in our shoulder.  This is so stinkin' cute.
  • Commenced teething--and just yesterday, the sharp and pointy corner of his first tooth pushed its way through his bottom gum!  It hasn't progressed any further, but when you run your finger over his gum you can definitely feel it!
  • Went on his second road trip up to Dallas to visit Lucas' parents, sister, and extended family.  On his first road trip, he slept much of the way.  This time required some extensive creativity on mama's part to entertain an awake baby for 5 hours in a car seat (minus his 1 hour nap, that is....).
  • REALLY started to enjoy his jumper!
  • Has become super interested in Wembley (our dog).  Wembley has had his ears, neck, collar, tail, and feet pulled and always responds with a yelp and then proceeds to lick Lincoln's hand or feet.
  • Has also become super interested in the computer.  He likes to push on the keys and go after it if we set it on the floor (it is a laptop).
  • Had a horrible run-in with some mosquitos and ended up with 11 bites on his face alone (there were others on his arms and legs).  After that experience (and the sleeplessness that followed--poor itchy guy!) we stopped going on our morning walks around the lake. We are now in the market for a mosquito net for the stroller....
  • Sat in his high chair for the first time--and, sat in a high chair at a restaurant (note:  will be investigating those cloth covers for high chairs after discovering Lincoln likes to use them as a teether...) for the first time!  It was so nice not to have to guard our food while Lincoln sat on our laps.  He has been known to toss a hamburger, rice, and salsa on the floor if he can get his hands on it....
  • Responded to things the Grandparents did on the computer screen while talking to them on Skype--so now we know he actually sees them and pays attention to what they do!   
  • Going along with the above item--now that we know he can see and pay attention to what goes on on a screen, no more CSI for Lincoln.  
  • And the BIG news--he is on the move!  In the past 2 weeks, he has gone from ever so tentatively going up on his hands and knees, to rolling across the room, to making a bridge, to rocking back and forth on hands and knees, to rocking and flopping, to his current level of rock and launching!  Using the rock and launch technique, he can cross a room in about 30 seconds flat.  Remember when I said we needed to get on that baby-proofing?  Yeah, it's time. 
I feel like I am missing things, so I may add to that list if I think of more.  As promised, here are my favorite pictures and videos from the month.  You may notice there is no video of the rock and launch yet.  We are working on a video combining his progression from rolling up to crawling (should he decide the rock and launch gets to be too much work) and will post that soon!  Remember to come back tomorrow night to see his first food experience and 6 month photo shoot!  

Aunt Breanne and Lincoln 
Lincoln still likes to curl up, even though he is getting so big!  I love his little hand holding his foot in the sling--so cute =]  On another note, I look like I am about 12 in this picture.  
Lincoln and Great Granddad
A couple experiments with silhouettes (inspired by i ♥ faces)

Lincoln is really starting to like the back carry in the Beco--he especially likes to chew on the straps.  If you look hard, you can see the drool outline.  I made this picture black and white to hide all the bright red mosquito bites on the poor guy's face.  In full color, this picture is a site to behold!

And, of course, the as promised video clips (trimmed to a very watchable length, I might add!)

Happy 6 months, Lincoln!  We love you so much!


  1. Happy 6 months, Little Lincoln! You never cease to make me smile :]
    Grandma loves you.

  2. Adorable, happy 1/2 birthday!


  4. Happy B-Day Lincoln!!!

    This makes me so sad, we have only been gone 2 months and I fell I have missed so much. I mean what happened to the Lincoln that I barley even saw awake. Absolutely no new tricks until we come back for a visit!

  5. Happy 6 months Lincoln!!!

    That video with the ice cream is too cute.

  6. Aww cute! Happy half-birthday, Little Lincoln, and happy 6 months of being a mom, Kelly!


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