A New Discovery

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Lincoln has recently become aware that there is more to him than just hands and feet.  This video is actually about a month old and shows off the first of his new discoveries:  his tongue.  As soon as he found it, he made these smacking sounds for about a week straight.  We still hear them once in awhile, but seems his ears are much more exciting these days.  Last week he found his head, which was quite amusing as he would drag his toys and blankets across the top of his head to see how they felt.  Smart kid, I tell you!

This video was made with the camera on our MacBook, so it is not as good of quality as with our camera.  We are still working out memory card issues (by the way, thanks to all who have sent ideas to help with that!  We are in the process of saving every file to our hard drive, then clearing and reformatting the card.  But, at least we won't lose all the videos!).   Enjoy!


  1. I think you should do a Lincoln video once a week. "Lively Days with Lincoln" :)

  2. I do love that idea--we'll see if we can make it happen =]

  3. Make sure you watch it to the end, to funny. Boy do I need a Mac!


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