I heart faces entry: silhouettes

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This week's theme for the i faces contest is silhouettes.  Lincoln, Lucas, and I went out tonight and did our best to capture an awesome silhouette--and came up empty handed.  I'll share some of our attempts sometime; maybe a before and after when I learn how to do it better!  I had resigned to not entering this week when I remembered a photo from a spring break trip my sophomore year of college.  A campus group that I was a part of took a yearly trip to a church camp that needed help with repairs, painting, etc., and that year it happened to be out in Malibu, California (quite the long drive from our school in Missouri, let me tell you!).  There was always a day that we took a break from our work at the camp to enjoy the city we were visiting, and in Malibu, we spent our free day at the beach.  The water was freezing, but there were surfers out (in wetsuits).  I snapped this photo of my friend, James, "surfing" the sand with a borrowed board with my cheap 35 mm film camera (yep, pre-digital camera days!).  I scanned it in to the computer tonight and made a few minor adjustments and am pretty pleased with how it turned out!  I am glad to be able to share this picture of James.  I think it shows how fun, outgoing, and just plain awesome he was.  The picture shows him standing on a board--and, literally, that is what he had been doing for a good 2 minutes before I took that picture:  standing there, frozen on the board, pretending to surf.  Hilarious.  James was my husband's roommate in college and, more importantly, good friend.  James passed away during our senior year of college.  We miss him and I am glad to be able to share such a fun picture of him in his memory.

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  1. what a precious way to honor his memory. Thank you for choosing to share this with the world! and Thank you for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it :)

    ~*~ Wendy ~*~
    iHeartFaces: Silhouettes"When kids get grounded..."

  2. Lovely story.. thank you for sharing.. the picture is amazing.. Wonder if his parents have a copy?- very cool...

  3. What a great story and picture. I love how if you look close he is standing on the board backwards!

  4. Simply gorgeous! I wish I lived closer to the beach!

  5. great entry and tribute.

    and. i tend to refrain from non-entry comments - but we have a lincoln, too. it's not what i blog it as, but what fun to see another little lincoln! or as his grandmother teases, 'pretty penny'.


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