4 Months Old!

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Lincoln turned 4 months old today!  He has had a busy month--
  • took his first airplane ride
  • rolled over front to back AND back to front
  • transferred a toy from one hand to another
  • really expanded his laughter repertoire--we've gone from silent chuckles to full on squealing.  It is a lot of fun to try and make him laugh!
  • started supporting a good amount of weight on his legs.
  • tries to sit up by himself
  • cries when he is bored--might not be new, but at least we recognize that this could be the problem now!
  • started noticing Wembley--he will reach out for him if he is nearby.
  • starting to like listening to the piano when Lucas plays.  And he LOVES when Lucas plays the guitar.
  • he loves meeting new people.  Anytime someone new comes up to him, he gives them huge smiles!

Today we had beautiful weather, so we took Lincoln outside for a quick 4 month photo shoot.

So, happy birthday little guy!  You are the cutest baby I have ever seen!


  1. Wow,he's already rolling over from back to front? And transfering a toy from hand to hand! Pretty impressive! Happy 4 months, Lincoln!

  2. Just let me say how happy I am that Lincoln knows to wear a hat and sunglasses out in the sun. Now I just hope that there is sunblock on those chubby little arms and legs :]
    Happy 4 months, Little One.
    Love you lots,
    Grandma Beck


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