Cloth Diaper Series, part 2

Friday, February 27, 2009
Pockets and AIOs

Ok, to continue on about cloth diapers...last time I wrote about the prefolds and fitteds, which are the cheaper way to do cloth diapering. If you are willing to shell out a little more dough up front, pockets and all in one (AIO) diapers offer a bit more connivence and ease of use. Although they function in pretty much the same way, there are some differences in the pocket and AIO.

Below is our (small) stash of pocket and AIO diapers. It should also be pointed out that the red diaper was graciously lent to us by our friend Kari(who also lent us the previously mentioned kissaluvs...thanks, Kari!). Also, not pictured is an AIO diaper I made myself. Sometime I might write about that, but for now, I'll be keeping my shoddy sewing abilities to myself. Although, I will point out the diaper actually fits him and appears to work, so all that needs fixing is the aesthetics!

Ok, pictured above, clockwise from top left: BumGenius 3.0 (pocket), Thirsties (AIO), fuzzi bunz new style (pocket), fuzzi bunz old style (pocket).

I like to think of these as our "special" diapers, and seem to save them for special occasions, such as...the grocery store, when we have visitors, or night time. If we are just lounging around the house, we use the prefolds. Lincoln has outgrown the kissalvus (sad...we liked those!) in the rise. He is a long baby, and even though they still fit him in the waist, they are too short on him!

The BumGenius 3.0 is a one-size diaper; meaning that it can be adjusted to fit a baby up through toddler through the use of snaps. This diaper was HUGE on Lincoln when he was first born, even though he was the recommended 8 lbs. We found it fit him much better when he got to 10 lbs. The diaper uses the snaps to adjust the size lengthwise, and velcro tabs to adjust the waist. The inside of the diaper is a soft fabric called suedecloth. This is the part that is next to the baby's skin. There is a pocket opening where you put your absorbent material--in this case, we use the microterry inserts that came with the diaper. You can also make your own inserts from microfiber towels, flannel, prefold diapers, or hemp and bamboo fabric. I've heard that hemp makes super absorbent inserts, but haven't tried them myself yet. The outside of the diaper is a water proof PUL (the same material as the covers I mentioned in the previous post--difference being this one is attached to the diaper).

Above: insert inside the pocket opening. When changing the diaper, you remove the insert and place both insert and diaper in the diaper pail. The nice thing about removable inserts is that it speeds up drying time. Also, at night or if you know you need some extra absorbency, you can add an extra insert in the pocket.

Above: Suedecloth inside the diaper

The Thirsties AIO is next. An AIO diaper functions like a pocket, except the insert is sewn in, so you don't remove it for washing. The upside on this is your don't have to pull out a dirty insert, but the downside is that it takes much longer to dry. This AIO is nice because it also features an optional pocket. It isn't necessary to use an insert with this diaper, but we do add one at night just for a little added security. This is a sized diaper, so it can't be adjusted. Lincoln is wearing a small now, and seems to still have a lot of growing room.

Above: Thirsties AIO, lined with microfleece.

Finally, we have our fuzzi bunz. These fuzzi bunz are sized (both small), but fuzzi bunz did just release a one size diaper. I haven't seen or tried it, but the way to adjust the size is supposed to be new in that you adjust the length of the elastic on the side, inside of snapping the front down. In theory, that should make them less bulky in the front. I'll be interested to try one out. We have both an old style and a new style fuzzi bunz. The main difference is the shape of the tabs--old style is a bit pointy, new style more square. The sizing is also a little different, but not too noticeable (at least on Lincoln). These are pocket diapers, so you need an insert with them. We really like the fit of these on Lincoln, and I currently am expecting a set of them to arrive from a mama from diaper swappers. Hopefully today!

Above: Looking in at the pocket openingAbove: fuzzi bunz are lined with a microfleece fabric.

Above: an example of a microterry insert.

These are just a small glimpse of the types of diapers out there. There are so many choices that it can make your head spin trying to figure out what is best. We went with a few of each different types to see what worked best for us, but we have only scratched the surface at the many (many!) brands available, including TONS by work at home moms! This website offers reviews of different brands of diapers. I've found it really helpful.

So, in short, that is our experience thus far with cloth diapers. We wash them about every other day. I am still tweaking our laundry method, so once I figure out what works best for us, I'll post that. If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know!


  1. we have 5 of the one size fuzzibunz and i LOVE them. they will last forever.. and they fit better now than the regular smalls do.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    We use the BumGenius 3.0 diapers with Sophie and LOVE them! (But we don't have anything to compare them to, really.) As far as laundering goes, we wash them on the extra soaking cycle using "Planet" detergent. I ordered it through Amazon and got a discount for ordering in bulk. We like it a lot.
    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your journey in diapering. Fun fun!!

  3. Where is the cute little model to show off these diapers? He should have some place in this article since he wears everything you are talking about and he shows them off so sweetly :]

  4. I can't believe there is a brand of diapers called "Thirsties." Part of me thinks it's gross, but part of me thinks it's hilarious.

  5. We use all kinds of CD...AIO, pockets, and prefolds with different types of covers. I really like Blueberry brand for pockets and Bummis for a regular PUL cover. I've gotten several WAHM AIOs that are okay, but not great for heavy wetting. The prefolds from have definitely been the most absorbant of the ones we've tried. My sister uses predominantly wool covers (lanolized for water-proofness, but I haven't taken to them that well). I think the hardest thing for us is the fit on Luca's massive thighs. We can't use any "one size" diaper anymore, because they are all too small for his legs...even the Bum Genius which is supposed to fit up to 35 lbs (Luca's about 21 lbs now at 7 months. I'm hoping he trims up a little when he starts crawling. It's really nice if you can try out a new diaper or cover from a fellow user before making a purchase too, cause the fit is everything.

    We usually wash every 3 days or so. We do a hot water soak cycle first with a sprinkle of Baking Soda (to minimize the urine smell), then a warm water wash with a little vinegar and a little cheap generic detergent. That's it! Works well for us...I'm excited for warm weather, so we can line dry, but its gonna be a while.

  6. Katie and Angela--thanks for sharing your laundry routines!

    Mom--I'll post some new pictures of Lincoln today...we'll see if I have a diaper one I can put up.

    Uncle Jeff--I know, it is pretty hilarious! Other great diaper names I've seen: Happy Heinys, Tiny Tush, and Bumwear.

  7. You deserve a Pulitizer Prize for the description of the diaper; also a prize for sewing the diapers. You are so smart!


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