Lincoln Quotes Again!

Thursday, November 1, 2012
L: Mama, Daddy's going to open this box for me!
M: I can do it, Lincoln. Hand me the (closed) pocket knife.
L: No, Mama. This tool is for Daddies. Not for Mamas. You can't use it."

Bennett and Lincoln are playing "sleep" (best game ever-they just lay in bed and pretend to sleep). Bennett gets up to leave. Lincoln-"Beebs, are you going to go downstairs?" Beebs-"uh" Lincoln-"Ok. I will not miss you." Bennett leaves, walks into the hall, turns around and goes back into Lincoln's room. Lincoln-"Beebs, I love you. Do you want to share the covers?"

Waking up in the middle of the night: "Mama, where is the hair book you got me at the haircut store?"

Taking a sticker off B's arm. 
L: Beebs wants to trade! 
Me: are you sure? It looked like you just took it.... 
L: Yep. 
Me: Well, what are you going to give him for the trade? 
L: Um, Beebs could have..... a shoe!

L: Daddy, what's this? (grabs his crotch)
D: Ummm, that would be your scr*tum.
L: My grout? My grout! My grout! My grout!
D: Not grout. Scr*tum.
(10 minutes later)
L: Daddy, that's my walrus?

Lincoln went through a phase where after every bath or any time he was getting dressed, he would look at us out of the corner of his eye and slyly ask, "Do you want to see something new? Just take a look!" He would then expose himself while shouting, "PEN#S and GROUT" as loud as he could. Crossing our fingers we don't have a flasher in the making...

(Note: the above words have symbols in them because I don't want my blog showing up in search results for any weirdos out there)
Bennett comes to the back door completely covered in dirt. 
Me: Bennett! How did that happen! 
B: uh. 
Me: Lincoln, how did Bennett get so dirty?? 
Lincoln: Oh! I was just tossing dirt on him. That's how.

I am in the kitchen listening to the boys play in the backyard and hear Lincoln say, "Open your mouth wider, Beebs. I can't fit all the dirt in." :X

(After a day full day of Halloween activities)...Me: Lincoln, we are going to make our pumpkin pizza, then get our costumes on, then go trick-or-treating for Halloween! L: HALLOWEEN! I didn't know it was Halloween! (Looks out the back window). Look, Mama....people are driving on Halloween! hahahahaha!"

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