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Friday, January 13, 2012
This was an e-mail I sent to Lucas yesterday. He said I should post it as a blog entry. So, here it is. In case you were wondering, yes, we do have hard days around here ;)

here is our day thus far.

(Awwww, sweet brothers. The death grip means "i love you.")

6:58: MAMA! IT'S LIGHT OUTSIDE. I WANT TO GET UP. (Bennett is soooouuuunnnnnd asleep. He sleeps through this, and me yelling back to Lincoln to come into our room).
7:00: I manage to convince Lincoln to lay down with us until Bennett wakes up. I am amazed that he is actually under the covers and laying still.
7:04 We hear a strange ripping sound. I ask Lincoln to see what it is. He looks over the edge of the bed and yells "IT'S POOP! Wembley has a poopy diaper! Mama, get it."
7:05 We are all up now. Wembley is outside. I am cleaning up what is left of a poopy diaper from who knows when and where since bennett didn't poop yesterday. It is under our bed and the gel has all come out, so we are off to get the vacuum.
7:15 Our entire bedroom is now vacuumed, including using the hose attachment to vacuum under the bed. We decide to vacuum the entire house, since we are already vacuuming.
7:20 Bennett decides he is still tired and doesn't want to be up yet. I carry him during the rest of the vacuuming while Lincoln runs in front of me depositing pieces of lint he finds for me to vacuum up in front of the vacuum.
7:35 Done vacuuming. Then I find more places I missed, but Bennett is not having it. Lincoln has to poop.
7:40 Make Lincoln breakfast. He requests a show and I give in since Bennett is so grumpy.
7:45 Bennett poops. I go to change him and it's contained! A victory! I give him a toy to hold and take off the diaper. He flings the toy at my head and plunged both hands into the poop. I yell, "NOOOOO!" and try to move the diaper out of the way. He starts kicking and manages to get his whole leg in the diaper, so now he has poop from his ankle up to his pelvis. His hands are both covered in poop that he is now smearing on his stomach and he is beginning to reach for his head. I grab both of his hands, so now my hands are covered in poop, and try to begin to clean this mess and what's left of our dignity. Clean up ends, get the baby dressed, and go tell Lincoln I am putting Bennett down for his nap.
8:15 Bennett is asleep. I go find Lincoln, who is finishing his show and breakfast. We start playing the elevator game and get through 3 rounds before Bennett wakes up.
8:40 Bennett is awake. I was going to put him back to sleep, but Wembley decided to jump off the bed and shake instead. 
8:45 2 more rounds of elevator!
9:00 We decide to hang the pictures in the bathroom. Find the hammer, nails, and level and get it done. I am so excited because it was easy, no crying, and everyone is still happy.
9:10 Lincoln goes to put the level away while I straighten up the bathroom. Bennett follows him. The garage door slams and Bennett is screaming. I run out there and Lincoln is standing next to Bennett starting at him while Bennett pounds on the garage door. I ask Lincoln if Bennett's fingers got caught in the door. He says yes, but I determine they really didn't, Bennett was just upset he couldn't crawl around the garage. Lincoln is set on giving Bennett Thomas Ice (note: Thomas Ice is our ice pack for "owies") anyway, so we do.
9:20 Lincoln asks for second breakfast. I get him another bowl of cereal and raspberries, making this breakfast 2.5 since he also ate his own and half of mine earlier. Bennett and I play while he eats on the couch. 
9:28 Lincoln is done and asks to put his bowl in the sink. He spills the bowl and the rest of the milk in the kitchen before he gets to the sink and it splashes and now he has milk all over his face and hair. He is wailing, and I assume this is because of the milk everywhere. I help him clean it up and put his bowl in the sink and he is still crying and screaming something but I can't understand him. He finally calms down enough to say he wanted to carry the milk to the sink. I give him his bowl back and he screams nooooo, I was LOTS of milk to carry to the sink. Essentially, he wants me to pour new milk into his bowl to carry to the sink and dump out. Nope.
9:35 Tantrum over, we start the elevator game. Again.
9:45 I write this email while bennett plays and lincoln hangs from my neck. 
10:00 break while lincoln poops again.
10:10 We finish cleaning the bathroom. In the span of the 3 minutes it takes to vacuum, Lincoln manages to stuff the shower curtain into the tub 4 times. It is still in there since I got tired of fixing it. I try to put vacuum away but Lincoln insists he want to vacuum more. Bennett and I come to Living room and I start to finish this note. Lincoln vacuums about 30 seconds more then declares he is done and mama come put the vacuum away.

And that is how the first 3 hours of our day have gone.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaand I'm speechless. no, wait, you're a saint.


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