Monday, January 30, 2012
This post is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
(i couldn't help myself)
(sorry if that song is stuck in your head for the next 2 days)
(kind of)

We eat a lot of bananas around here, so in an effort to mix it up a bit, we tried a few new ways of eating them. Since they were pretty good, I thought I'd share.

1. Baked. We took 3 bananas and cut them lengthwise (but not all the way through). We then spread butter and brown sugar inside the banana and baked at 350 F for 15 minutes. Lincoln liked these, but I thought they were waaaaaay too sweet (and I LOVE sweet, so that's saying a lot).

2. Banana Ice Cream. This has made the internet rounds, so you may have already seen this. Basically, you take a bananas, cut it into slices, freeze it, then blend it up in the food processor. Voila! Ice cream. It really is the texture of ice cream, which is pretty cool. We've dressed it up by adding a scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder before blending which is good.

The version pictured above is actually the leftover baked bananas. I got all fancy and called it "Banana Brulee Ice Cream." Lincoln got all fancy and added Christmas sprinkles. He wins.

I thought it was delicious. As I said, it was way too sweet just out of the oven, but after being frozen and blended, it was great. So if you make the baked version, try freezing some and making Banana Brulee Ice Cream (with sprinkles). Definitely the way to go.

3. Banana Sundae. This was a simple way to appease Lincoln since we had no frozen bananas to use to make ice cream.

Melt some peanut butter, stir in some unsweetened cocoa, and BAM. Instant sundae topping.

Lincoln chose to add raisins to his sundae (after being told sprinkles weren't an option...)

Bananas topped with peanut butter chocolate and raisins. Toddler approved.



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