Radvent Day 3: Fascination

Saturday, December 3, 2011

(FUN SIDE NOTE: This is my 400th blog post! Kind of exciting, eh?)
I think it is easy to take this prompt and answer the question in terms of others (that person is so fascinating! I wish I knew more about her!), but incredibly hard to apply to yourself. It is hard for me to imagine what someone would find fascinating about me without resorting to self-deprecation ("who is that fascinating woman pushing that shopping cart? did she actually come to the store with half her nursing bra unhooked? scandalous! her life must be wrought with excitement!"). 

In truth, I actually have been making more of an effort to dress better (meaning, I have put away the jersey skirts and t-shirts...at least until the real Houston heat returns. You're welcome, Lucas.). I recently bought 2 pairs of pants that actually fit me--both in the waist and length (sidenote--I have been walking on the hems of my pants for years because I have always hated the way petite pants fit...until I discovered the petite section at Ann Taylor Loft. They fit amazingly, and have the bonus feature of not making me feel like I'm wearing high-waisted, ankle skimming pants). (second sidenote--yes, I realize I could have been hemming my pants. I offer you laziness and a sewing machine that can't handle denim as my excuses). I cleared out my closet of clothes that I haven't worn in ages and have been trying new ways to wear the things I have left (e.g., wearing a dress as a blouse with a skirt). It's actually kind of fun...

Dressing nice might not in itself make a person fascinating...but I think it does show that I am learning to care for myself a bit more. 

Because I really want to make an effort to write a meaningful response, I am going to try and come up with at least 2 interview questions....

Q1. Cooking seems to be a passion of yours. How do you find time to cook and bake for your family?
 A1. I make time because it is something I love. We try a lot of new recipes for our dinners, and yes, sometimes I misjudge the time involved and we end up eating 2 hours later than usual, but the result is almost always worth it. Lincoln and I love baking during the day, too. It is pretty difficult to tackle any big meal or baking endeavor while Bennett is awake, or if Lucas isn't home, simply because he is ridiculously mobile and will almost certainly end up on top of the kitchen stool or stuck between a chair and the wall while I am covered in flour and need to wash my hands before grabbing him as he lays there, stuck and crying. 

Q2. You seem to come up with lots of fun ideas to do with your toddler. Where do you find them all?
A2. I don't happen to be artistic at all, but I do seem to be able to come up with lots of toddler and preschooler friendly art projects and activities (perhaps that is an indication to you of just where my artistic abilities lie...). I credit all my time working with my preschool speech students (my favorite age!). Having to come up with games and therapy ideas at a moment's notice (when I had a caseload of 77, therapy lesson plans could sometimes be a bit "skeletal"--meaning I'd pick a goal to address, and fill in the game/materials when I got there!*) started to be second nature. Granted, we don't have the plethora of toys available in a preschool classroom at our home, but we manage :)

*unnecessary disclaimer*: no kids were short-changed therapy due to lack of planning. I actually think it is better to use the materials and activities already happening in the classroom/home/wherever therapy is taking place! The children are already familiar with it and therapy can be more effective than if you have to introduce a new toy or game. *secondary unnecessary disclaimer*: unless your goals have to do with adapting to new environments/changes/etc., of course.

(I'm done now. I could *disclaimer* myself all day, here....)


  1. Ann Taylor loft is also one of my favorite places to shop as I too am to lazy for tailoring. Love the readvent posts.


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