Radvent Day 12: Creating

Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I create:

  • FOOD. Mostly food. I could spend all day in the kitchen, gladly. I'm hoping to spend a day baking Christmas cookies this week. Lucas and I love trying new things for dinner, too. I admit, I do rely on ideas from cookbooks, blogs, or magazines, but I almost always alter them. I've also been dabbling in gardening the past few summers. The heat here can be brutal to plants, but I managed to have some good luck with my peppers this year.
  • SEWING. I like sewing, but don't do a ton of it (mostly because it's hard to do with Bennett crawling underfoot). In the past couple years, though, I have managed to improve my sewing skills from "pillowcase" to "quilt," so that's something. Sewing clothes is still something I haven't really mastered, though. Maybe a goal for the new year?
  • MISCELLANEOUS CRAFTS. Wooden growth charts, picture frames, holiday decorations, etc.
  • MEMORIES FOR LINCOLN AND BENNETT. I'm hoping this blog serves as timeline they can look back on and remember their childhood.


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