This Week's Menu

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Bennett has decided he never needs to sleep.  This makes me tired and much less likely to blog.  Also, he likes to be carried a lot during the day because he is grumpy, because he never sleeps.  I spy an easy solution to this problem, but try telling that to an overtired, teething, nearly crawling 4 month old.

I didn't post a menu last week, but believe it or not, we did eat.  Amazing, I know.

Lemon Basil Pasta with Edamame (recipe coming later this week, if I get some sleep)
King's Pizza (we have a Groupon to use)
Dos Toros tacos with corn on the cob
Chicken korma and brown rice
Waffles with fancy butter (we splurge every so often and buy the good stuff...meaning the really high butterfat kind)
breaded porkchops with roasted red pepper sauce and pasta

green smoothies (this has become our new favorite lunch...Lincoln calls them "samoovies")
cheese and crackers

Cereal, yogurt and granola, maybe baked oatmeal if I feel like it

goldfish crackers, cliff kid's z-bars, mango salsa and chips


  1. The breaded porkchops meals sounds good!

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