Friday, August 19, 2011
I have about 20 posts in a backlog waiting to be written.  I figured I'd start with this one, since it has actually been waiting since...August 2010.  Yep, that's a year ago.  I need more time in the day.

Sunprints are a crazy easy project--all you need is a sheet of construction paper and some objects from your yard or around your house!

So easy even your dog who that just barely passed obedience school can do it! (seriously...Wembley isn't the sharpest crayon in the box.  I think the instructor passed him so we wouldn't have to retake the class, thus ensuing another fun filled 8 weeks with Wembley!)

Place the objects wherever you like on the paper.  Make sure you leave it somewhere that will get direct sunlight for a few hours--I think we left ours out there for 2 (during nap time).

When you go back out, remove the objects and check out your newly printed paper!

You could stop at this point...this would make great wrapping paper.  Or, you could give your child paint and stretch this into another art project.  We obviously chose option #2.

Have fun!


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