Garden Update

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Despite the heat, my garden isn't completely done for this year.  I will admit that the tomatoes have slowed down (is it possible to slow down from a production of 10 total?).  I haven't had any new fruit on the cherry tomato plant at all for about 4 weeks.  There are 2 almost red ones ready to pick, then that will be the last of them (for now...I'm hoping to carry the plant through the heat and get a fall harvest--if that's even possible.  haven't really researched it beyond my wishful thinking...).  The one on the left is my Heirloom Cherokee Purple.  For the longest time, I had nothing on that one.  Now, I've got a good dozen fruits about the size of an apricot each.  About half of them have brown spots (maybe sun scald), but the rest look great.  There are also a bunch of blooms that look promising.  So I may luck out with some there!  Also, the plants are outgrowing their bamboo trellis.  I have ordered a steel trellis that will hopefully take care of this mess...

My other tomato plant (above in the terra cotta pot) is a hybrid intended for high heat and humid climates (read: Houston).  That one is a complete dud.  Every single bloom has fallen off, it looks sickly, and bugs love it.  Boo.

As you can see, my peppers are stinkin' amazing.  I've never had luck with peppers.  This year, I've got sweet peppers and jalapeños!  Woohoo!

"Feed me your tomatoes or I'll eat your first born child.  I'm that big."

And this disgusting thing, my friends, is a hornworm.  I try to catch them when they are wee little babes (about the length of a penny), but sometimes they just blend in too well, until I find half a branch missing and finally see where they are hiding.  Seriously, they look exactly like leaves.  As you can see, I have removed the entire leaf.  What's that you say?  Couldn't I just remove the worm and allow the plant to keep its branch intact?  Are you out of your mind??  I'm not touching that thing!  That thing is longer than my finger, and it bites.  I remove the whole branch, then send it to a watery grave down the toilet.  I hope you don't have these in your garden.  They are the stuff of nightmares.


  1. our tomatoes are doing well this year as we asked to trim our neighbors tree that was causing too much shade. However, the latest heat wave might do things in. I have never had any luck with squash on the other hand :(

  2. looks good. If you can garden through the summer you guys have had you can garden anywhere.


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