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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
I haven't written a blog since I posted Bennett's birth story, so to ease myself back into it I am about to produce a bunch of short, easy-to-write, picture heavy posts.  I'm also trying to ignore the guilt building up with how many posts I have written about Bennett compared to Lincoln at the same age...

Up first:  some updates I've made to our art area.  Below is the full view.  As you can see, I finally got the butcher paper hung above the easel.  Only took me 3 months.

We have added some small storage boxes from IKEA for holding markers.  The cup holds crayons.  Paper towel roll is for erasing the chalk table.

Above Lincoln's table we have hung the following artwork (clockwise from top left): Photograph of Lincoln at 1-year old by Homeshade Photography, fox and snail print by Paper Sparrow, and dot painting by Lincoln.

Paper was starting to just pile up on the floor, so we bought some stacking file organizers, inspired by the mail center at the Main St. Mama's house (where I lived junior and senior years of college) :)  Lincoln helped me decorate them.  For the top one, we used Mod-Podge to glue fabric letters on to spell Art! and the one below is Lincoln's abstract glitter glue art.

The 3rd file holder can be seen below and is a finger painting by Lincoln that we cut into shapes and Mod Podged onto the front.

Whew, one blog post down!  And both kids are still asleep (a minor miracle).  We'll see if I can finish another one before someone wakes up...


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