Rocking Out (Radvent Day #5)

Sunday, December 5, 2010
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1. MIKA-Lollipop.
Lincoln loves this, so it is on a frequent loop here some days...good thing I like it, too!!

2. Weezer--Keep Fishin'
Another of Lincoln's favorites...can't get enough "Weezus"

3. Bright Eyes-Bowl of Oranges
One of my favorite songs. Plus, the video is awesome.

4. Katy Perry-"California Gurls"
(I know). But seriously, we heard this song more than any other song this year. This playlist wouldn't be accurate if I left it out! Once, when we were driving home from Galveston, we managed to listen to this song at least 5 time in a row, simply by changing the radio station when the song ended. It was always on! A big disclaimer: DO NOT watch this with your children present. Totally inappropriate. :)

5. The Mynabirds-"Numbers Don't Lie"
My brother introduced us to this band (and many of the other bands we listen too...). This album was on heavy rotation for awhile around here. If you haven't heard them, this song is a great intro!

6. Postal Service-"Nothing Better"
There is a group of 3 albums that can instantly transport me back to Colorado. I kept them in my car and can actually picture myself driving to and from work, yoga, the apartment, etc. to the songs on those albums. So, when I am missing Colorado, I like to listen to them. The Postal Service-"Give Up" is one of them...and this song is my favorite :) This video clip is a live version, and features Jenny Lewis (another favorite)!
(for the curious: the other 2 albums are The New Pornographers-"Twin Cinema" and The Decemberists-"Picaresque"

7. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros-"Home"
Lucas discovered this song and shared it with me. Enjoy!

8. The Beatles-"Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da"
The White Album had a place in our kitchen CD player for much of the year. I chose this song to represent it because it is Lincoln's favorite dancing tune :)

9. Sleigh Bells-"Rill Rill"
A new band to us this year.

10. Loreena McKinnett-"Snow"
We love the "Maybe This Christmas" albums during the holidays. This Loreena McKinnett song is beautiful. Listen to it in front of your tree with a cup of hot chocolate, and it will feel like Christmas even if it happens to be 80 degrees outside...

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  1. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.


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