Receiving (Radvent Day #14)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Playing catch up a little bit...

The prompt was:

List some things you received today. Did you consciously accept these gifts?

Lincoln and I have been cooped up in the house for almost a week now as he has been a bit under the weather. So, we haven't had a lot of contact with people in general, let alone people giving us things. But, in thinking a bit outside the box, I came up with the following:

  • A big laugh from this little guy--walked into the kitchen wearing 2 of my shoes, with one pant leg hiked up to his knee, bed head, and a big grin (which I missed in the picture).

  • E-mails from a friend (always grateful to receive a note or non-junk e-mail!)
  • Two Christmas cards in the mail! You people are on top of things. I think we'll be sending President's Day cards this year...
  • Dinner out with Lucas and Lincoln (we are at the start of birthday weekend celebration around here...Lincoln on Sunday and Lucas on Monday. Started the party off with some BBQ tonight!)
  • Cooler weather. It was near 80 here yesterday, so the 50s felt good today!
  • Lincoln is feeling better--very thankful for that!


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