The Kid is Two!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010
Two years ago today, this guy joined our family:

One year ago today, we celebrated his first anniversary on this earth:

Today: he is turning two. TWO. I can't really handle that. At all.

In the past few months, Lincoln has morphed into some kind of miniature human (crazy, I know). He is talking ALL the time--in phrases, even! He understands us. He follows directions (when he wants to, of course). And all this, too:

  • Kicks, throws, and rolls a ball. Or, specifically, a "sahwpah" (football...)
  • Makes requests for songs for Lucas to sing as he falls asleep at night. We are still trying to figure out what song "bus" is...but whatever it is, he is very dismayed that we don't know it.
  • Names all his colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, white, black, brown.
  • Can identify almost all his letters, and name over half of them.
  • Pretend play is really starting to emerge. He makes roads with his blocks, pretends to "eat" pictures of food, feeds his toys, makes toys into phones, sweeps the carpet and floor in the living room, drives his cars all over the house, and makes airplanes and helicoptors out of anything.
  • He says "bus" instead of "buff." sigh. I miss "buff."
  • A few times, he has actually asked for bath and bed. I think they may have been flukes.
  • He is soooo polite. He says "thank you mama" and "thank you daddy" for almost anything--handing him his cup, putting his shoes on, picking up the toy he is enough to melt you and make you do almost anything he asks...
  • Sleeping through the we miss you! It has been about 2 months since Lincoln has made it all night through.
  • He is way into the Hokey Pokey--and is pretty good with the actions!
  • A common phrase: "Wedy, STOP!" (that's "Wembley," our dog. Lincoln tells him to stop no matter what he is doing. Barking? Wedy, STOP! Licking his hands? Wedy, STOP! Standing too close to the table? Wedy, STOP!). Note: yes, he is actually using the S-blend :)
  • He loves to cook--requests at least once a day to "mis?" (mix).
  • Has some great concepts knowledge: big, little, hot, cold, wet, soft, on, off, open, close, up, down.
  • "Ohdat"-open that
  • "no no no no toush!" Usually says this after we tell him not to touch something, like an outlet, hot stove, or scissors. He is fascinated with all 3.
There is so much more. I think I'll try and break it up into more posts, because this could get out of control...

We celebrated today with some of Lincoln's favorite things! Dodos for breakfast (that's donuts...yes, we live in Texas). Lincoln had a sprinkle donut and tried his best to handpick each sprinkle off to eat. It is quite a process.

He got to watch a bit of his new favorite movie (Robots!) followed by the unveiling of his new train table and trains (been waiting since June to give these to exciting!). After prying him away from the trains, we took him to lunch followed by a nice nap in the car while we drove around (and then sat in the driveway until he woke up...). After nap commenced almost 3 straight hours of train table play. Never got old! When we broke for dinner (his favorite-mac and cheese), he wanted down to go "see dat choochoo?" We had to cover the train table with a sheet tonight before bed in order to peel him away for sleep (it is in his room...).

side note: a strange coincidence with turning 2, Lincoln has started speaking in sentences nearly over night. Literally. Yesterday, he might have said "Mama? Help?" Today, he looked at me and said, "No, Mama do it please." Other new phrases heard today: "Daddy frow (throw) it," "Where Hawoud ( in the helicopter) go?," "Heddy ( in the train) push dat." Crazy.

Lincoln and Lucas getting ready to blow out the candles on their shared birthday cake (Lucas' birthday is tomorrow) :)

Happy Birthday, Linc Linc! We love you, and can't wait to see what this year holds!


  1. Still can't believe he's TWO!

    *hint-the bus just might be because of the iPhone app he's played with that sings wheels on the bus to him. E was pretty obsessed with it last weekend!

  2. I love your analysis of his language skills--you must be an SLP or something :o)
    Happy birthday Lincoln!
    Jenny Linville

  3. Happy Birthday Lincoln! I so enjoyed your party and especially those cupcakes of your mamas! And thank you for so graciously sharing all your toys!

    And Kelly, this was a beautiful blog.

  4. Happy birthday Lincoln. You are such a big boy!


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