Father's Day 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Get ready....I have about 12,857,930 blog posts I've been meaning to write, and I am about to knock at least 3 of them out tonight. They will probably be out of order, but at this point, I'd rather just see them finally done!!

First up: Father's Day! Lincoln and I gave Lucas his very own barbeque smoker. If you know Lucas, you know that he would gladly eat barbeque for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if given the opportunity. So, we thought it was about time that he learned to make his own (although, I'm sure our favorite local BBQ place will still see us fairly often) :)

We spent the day on a mini getaway. About an hour north of here is a part of town where we have never spent any time--so we drove up there for the day and ate pizza, checked out some shops, and rode the carousel. There also may have been some dancing involved...

Lincoln's first carousel ride.
All ready to smoke some brisket!
His hips don't lie.


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