Thrifting and Garge Sale-ing

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Last Saturday, Lucas, Lincoln, and I hit up a couple neighborhood garage sales. Then, after Lincoln went down for nap, I ventured back out to a couple more sales and a thrift store for a quick hour of fantastic finds!


Framed embroidery...makes me happy and calm when I see it, so right now it is strategically positioned in the living room so it can be seem during those super fun tantrums Lincoln has been having...
Our loot: top left box--our major score of the day, a big box of Thomas the train engines, tracks, and accessories! $30 for the whole thing! We are saving it for Lincoln's birthday in December, and it feels great to already have it purchased (and for such a great price! Oh!! I never mentioned this, but we also have a train table we got FOR FREE that we just need to paint. Woohoo!). Moving right box: Lincoln Logs! Whole box: $10. We've been watching for Lincoln Logs for awhile, for obvious reasons : ) Next: Cranium (great game), raccoon puzzle (inside joke at Lucas' office), Baby Signs book (research), water shoes, shorts for Lincoln, skirt and shirt for me.
And, a pretty vase because, as I've mentioned, I am a sucker for pretty glass.


  1. So, I have not visited the blog for a while, but I just saw that it says "flutter, flutter" at the top and I cracked up!

  2. Is there a monarch in the house?

  3. Oh I love yard saling. I did some yesterday actually! I scored a push care for Taryn for $3! It is in pretty good shape too!


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