i heart faces: collages

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week is collage week at i faces. The rules state we can enter as many photos as we'd like, but they should fit some sort of theme. I had all these great pictures of Lincoln in the bluebonnet field (a rite of passage for children in Texas, so it seems...), so I decided to use them as my theme. I originally had 8 pictures in the collage, but some of them were so small that you couldn't really see any detail, so I changed to the 4 picture collage below. Thank you, Picnik :)

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edit: ARGHHH! Today is Wednesday, not Tuesday! Boooo. The entries for i ♥ faces close on Tuesday nights. Sad I just spend 45 minutes working on this post, but at least I ended up with a fun collage, right? : (


  1. Your collage is great! I love the framing you use, and the beautiful, warm glow to your pictures.


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