Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Lincoln and I swung by another thrift shop on the way home from the park today. It was an impulse stop, but I'm so glad we did! This place is fairly new, and I hadn't been in before. We were the only shoppers, and I think we found some great finds! I say "we" because Lincoln let me know quite clearly that we were taking the lawn mower with us....

The goods, followed by some close-ups for your viewing pleasure. The basket is to hold our library books, since we have a problem with them getting mixed up with our regular books. The green bag was free for carrying our things home.
Lincoln's mower...I'm pretty sure it is one of those bubble mowers, but I haven't figured out where to pour the bubble solution in yet.
This game was a favorite when I was little. Can't beat it for $1.00.
A blurry picture of the jacket + belt combo I scored. All jackets were 50% off, so this cost a whopping $6.00. The belt was separate, but I think they work together...
8x10 picture frame, with Norman Rockwell print. I love Norman Rockwell. Hopefully my dad does, too, because he is getting this print as part of his birthday present when he comes to visit (don't worry, he doesn't read this least not often enough to see this before my mom can stop him, right mom??)
Cool little wooden car for Lincoln.

I am planning a mom's day out this coming Saturday to go thrifting, if anyone is interested. It is posted on the Peaceful Beginnings calendar, or e-mail me for details if you want to join us!


  1. CUTE jacket. And...the one memory i have of mastermind is of my twin sticking a piece up her nose when we were little (like 2nd grade) and then the doorbell rang and we had to answer it and she still had the mastermind game piece in her nostril...random, yes, but a fun memory thanks to your blog post nonetheless :-p

  2. Did you go to the one off of 518 & I-45? I was just there yesterday, and I swear I saw all that stuff!! Minus the jacket, which I LOVE by the way. I wanted to go with you girls this weekend, but I can't so I stopped by alot of the places on my own yesterday (couldn't wait!) and found so much great great stuff. I was actually going to blog on it too, lol, but I'll do something else for now. :)

  3. erika-it was actually the new one off of 270 & Coryell. They had some great stuff! Let me know if you want to go again sometime--I'm always up for thrifting! and, I'd love to see what you found--please do blog it!

  4. oh, that is so great. i need to find a bubble mower for my son - he would love it!

  5. lol, i meant Interfaith Caring Ministries, i just went to so many that day it just clicked this morning :)

  6. Marisa-my son could spend HOURS popping bubbles! So much fun to watch how excited he gets!

  7. I love thrifting! I'm looking forward to summer & the yard sales! You found some great stuff!


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