13 months....

Sunday, January 24, 2010
I'm a little late in posting this, but better late than never! There are so many milestones to document this month...it will be a wonder if I remember them all.

  • Learned to get of the couch all by himself--getting up is still just outside his height range, but once helped up, his is good to go.
  • His signs have exploded! He added the following, all in the past month: milk, bath, eat, please, up, all done (ok, he had this before, but only in the context of food--now he uses it for anything he wants to stop doing...), and night night. Night night and bath are my favorite--he will start signing them both around dinner time. So cute!
  • Some new (spoken) words: babyu (sometimes pronounced "dadyu"): means vacuum. dadi means wagon or sometimes stroller, but babyu has also been used to mean wagon and stroller. uh uh uh means I want that and I want it now! dis: he uses this word while pointing at things and wanting us to name them. (note: the speech-path in me is really proud of those 2 syllable words...)
  • He has become a bookworm--we probably read for a good 45-60 minutes each day. I would love to say that we read a large variety of books; but in reality we read the same books over and over (and over and over). As soon as we finish, he is turning back to the first page and saying uh uh uh and if he is really desperate to hear it again, signing "please." Our most often read books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo, Dog, Cat, Goodnight Moon, Where is Elmo, Old McDonald, and The Hokey Pokey.
  • He recently learned how to climb up onto kid size chairs by himself. He thinks that is the most fun ever and always gives this little smug smile when he gets up there : )
  • He tried cows milk for the first time...and promptly spit it out. We have tried a total of 8 more times since then, all with the same result. I have mixed it in his smoothies, though, and he didn't have any reaction to it, so that's good!
  • He is pretty much running now. All over. All the time. His favorite is to run outside--he would live outside if he could. We are so glad the weather is nice now because he can be entertained for hours just walking up and down the backyard!
  • He is getting a little better about falling back to sleep when he wakes up in the night. Still a work in progress, though.
  • He loves to vacuum--with the real vacuum (we have a mini hand held with an extender, so that is what he uses...). If I try to get away without turning it on, he lets me know.
  • Recently starting to throw a ball.
Picture time!
He is into climbing and standing on everything, whether or not we approve.
At the park...he really was having fun, but we kept missing the smile!
Same here...
Daddy with a box on his head is always good for a laugh!


  1. How exciting!!! Have you taken him to the toddler story time yet? They do such a GREAT job, lots of songs and dancing they even have a bubble machine.

  2. Sounds like he is doing awesome! What a cutie he is!

  3. He is certainly learning a lot very quickly. So much fun to watch him grow.
    Kisses for Lincoln, from Grandma :]


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