Tutorial Tuesday: Fail

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
monkeys on the bed!

I attempted to make a wonderful lemon butter cake today for my tutorial.  I have lovely pictures from the process, all the way through putting it into the oven.  About 20 minutes into cooking it, I realized that the cake that was about to come out was doomed.  I was looking back over the recipe, and saw that I had used the powdered sugar that the glaze called for in the batter instead.  So, instead of 3/4 granulated sugar, my cake had 1 cup powdered sugar in it.  I admit, I was still a bit optimistic that things would turn out ok.  Sugar type couldn't possibly make that big a difference, right?  Sigh.  My cake came out dense and tasting a bit like cornbread.  Further investigation found that if you do substitute powdered sugar for granulated, the correct swap is 1 3/4 firmly packed cups powdered sugar for every 1 cup granulated.  And, powdered sugar also has corn starch added to it to keep it free flowing.  I don't know if that affected my cake, but I do know that I won't be testing it again.  

So, no tutorial today.  But, I am about to make you a promise, blog readers.  A promise that I am going to try REALLY hard to keep.  Since my tutorials have been few and far between lately, I am setting a goals to provide you with SEVEN tutorials next week.  That's right.  Seven.  Starting on Sunday.  A tutorial week.  I suppose it needs a catchier name-any suggestions are welcome.  I already slightly regret posting this....

I do have another post coming up tonight, just because : )

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  1. oh no! I laughed outloud at your blog post title, though! Hilarious.

    I hope you at least got to lick the batter and enjoy that!


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