Christmas decorations

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
We still haven't managed to get our tree up (by this weekend, for sure), but Lincoln and I did put up his little nativity set yesterday.  He thought it was great fun:

All set up.  Lincoln is reluctantly wearing his playsilk as a shepherd headdress.

15 seconds later:  headdress removed, angel removed from stable, baby Jesus is missing.  A note, in case you missed it from the first picture:  this nativity set included a dog.  Never seen a nativity set with a dog before.  It is even waving...

25 seconds later:  notice the only figure still standing is the dog.


  1. Of course there should be dogs...sheep herding dogs. Leave it to Fisher Price to get it right:]

  2. ahha. Leave it to Grandma to figure out the dog. WEll done!

    This toy is the #1 thing I will be looking for in the post-Christmas sales...

  3. That is hilarious! :) So cute!


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