Veteran's Day

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Although not technically a memorial for veterans, Lincoln and I thought it fitting to visit The Texas Healing Field of flags for Veteran's Day this year.  The Healing Field uses one flag to represent each death in Texas last year caused by drunk driving.  There were 1616 flags, meaning 1616 lost lives.  So sad.  It was very moving to walk among the flags.  We thought of not only those who had died at the hands of drunk drivers, but also all those who have died serving our country.  To those who serve, thank you for what you do.  It is humbling to think of your sacrifices.

If you are in the Houston area and would like to visit the Healing Field, it is located at Walter Hall Park in League City (just north of 518 or Hwy 3).  The last day is Friday, November 13th. For more information, see the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol.

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  1. loving the camo pants! can't wait to see him show off his walking skills at Christmas!


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