Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Although our plans for Lincoln to be a "log" for Halloween fell through (get it? Lincoln log? ahahahaha), he made an absolutely adorable giraffe. We spent the morning at a Halloween Festival at the YMCA where Lincoln got to play with some animals (this is beginning to be a weekend tradition...we have visited animals for 3 weeks in a row now. I wonder what he will think when all he sees next weekend is Wembley? I'd be disappointed, too) and check out all the other fabulous costumes.

Look!  A goat!

More goats!
Apparently, I only uploaded pictures with goats.  There were also ducks, chickens, and pot belly pigs.  In case you were wondering.
Weeee, I am having such a great time at the Halloween Festival!

We then came home to carve our pumpkin into a super scary...cat. Ok, not so scary, but definitely EASY, and when you wait until the day of Halloween to start carving, easy is the way to go. Lincoln was a big helper and fascinated by our pumpkin!

Lincoln learned to go down the stairs by himself.  He liked to demonstrate this over and over and over..... : )
Let me help.  I get it with my giant spoon here.
Lucas doing all the hard work while I just take pictures....

Wembley making sure the cat doesn't try and walk by his window.  He is very possessive.

Holding the pumpkin steady for mama.

That evening, we got him all dressed up and headed over for our one stop trick or treat at our good friend's house, Kari and Dan. We staged a few shots of Lincoln trick or treating, and then headed home to wait for trick or treaters. 2 hours and 4 trick or treaters later, we called it a night (well, Lincoln called it a night...we stayed up watching all the TV shows we missed during the week). Happy Halloween!

My friend Kari and her son Tommy (pumpkin), me and Lincoln (giraffe).
David (Spiderman) and Hanna (Batgirl) helping us stage a Halloween shot.
And just for fun....Lucas didn't dress up this year, despite my insistence, so I am posting these of his awesome costume from last year for your enjoyment.  If you can't tell, he was one of those blow-up dancing guys that you see outside car dealerships and gas stations.
Pretty authentic looking, eh?

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


  1. You had 4 times as many trick or treaters as we had.

  2. yeah i'm not going to lie...i think it would have been AWESOME if he was a log. But he is an awfully cute Giraffe. And Lucas...oh my what a poser (ha ha)


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