Texas State Fair

Monday, October 12, 2009
(this is a picture heavy post...just a warning...)

We spent this past weekend up in Dallas visiting family and attending the Texas State Fair. Lincoln had a great time checking out all the animals, people watching, and his favorite thing of all, the giant Big Tex statue.  He thought that thing was HILARIOUS.  Every time it moved or talked (yes, it talks), he just busted out laughing.  Personally, I found it rather creepy and Lucas pointed out his disturbing head to body size proportions...but to Lincoln, he was too funny!

Here was our day at the fair, in pictures (and maybe a few captions...):

Riding the train from the parking lot to the fair. First train ride!
Angora goat covered in wood chips
Sweet friends
Lincoln and mama in a giant tractor wheel
Scooping up the baby
Giddy up, cowboy!  (on a side note, I can hardly stand the cuteness of those ears on Lincoln's jacket.  If only it could be cool weather year round...)
Lucas requested that this picture be used to make a lame "horse's ass" joke, but I can't come up with anything clever.  Sorry, Lucas.  But, I'll post it anyway : )
Watching some cows munch away.
Can you see the baby in the pouch?  I have never seen that before!  I had no idea they went in there head first!  (side note here--before we got to the petting zoo, I told Lucas I hoped there wouldn't be any kangaroos.  I once saw a petting zoo with a kangaroo in the smallest little pen and it just looked so sad.  It was just lying there, smushed in its pen.  Sigh.  Petting zoos usually make me sad.  But, this one was clean, plenty of room for the animals to move, there were care takers in there constantly cleaning up messes...one of the better ones I've seen.  Still don't like to see large animals like that, but if they are going to have them, I'd rather them be like this one.)
We just missed this mama goat giving birth!  Her new kid is on the top right.  He had just stood up for the first time and we got to see it!  So amazing!
As soon as it stood up, it was already walking around, albeit a bit unsteady.  Wow!
Nursing the babies.
This is a just born baby camel.  Yes, it is alive : )
Just above those pigs is a sign extolling the benefits of pork meat.  Ah, the irony.
Me and Big (creepy) Tex.  Why is his head so small??
Lucas and Lincoln in the mei tai.
Fried butter.  You will never see as many varieties of fried food in one place as at the Texas State Fair.  There is actually a competition.  Fried butter won most creative.  No, we didn't try it.  I hear it tasted like biscuits, though. (picture credit:  Dallas News)
Fried peaches and cream, the winner for Best Taste.  We actually did try to purchase some of these, but the line was about 45 minutes long and we gave up after 10 minutes.  We consoled ourselves with onion straws and 2 funnel cakes instead.  Other fried foods we saw:  fried alligator, fried latte, fried twinkies, fried s'mores, fried pickles, fried chocolate truffles, fried peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and fried moon pies. (picture credit:  Dallas News)
We took Lincoln to see the Freestyle Dancing Dog competition.  These people are serious.  Costumes, tricks, dogs walking on their front 2 legs.  Serious.
A dog and owner doing a football themed "dance."  
At the end of the day...one tired guy.
About 30 seconds later....

Hope you enjoyed our fair photo montage!  We had a great time and look forward to going again!


  1. I think I have seen Big Tex in the old movie musical "State Fair" starring Pat Boone and Ann Margaret. Is there a voice behind Big Tex that welcomes you to the fair?

  2. hands down, cutest kid. hands down, creepiest man in a cowboy hat.


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