TEN months.

Monday, October 19, 2009
This month seems to have flown right past us.  Our little guy is growing sooo fast.  Before we know it, he is going to turn the big 01.  I am reluctant to admit that he is already 10 months, so who knows how I'll react when he turns a year old.  Sigh.

Lincoln has had some really FUN milestones this month!  
  • Used his first sign--dog--on September 24th!  Note that we have been signing "mom" and "dad" to him since the day he was born.  We introduced dog about 2 days before he signed it.  We're still waiting on "mom" and "dad."  : )
  • Took his first step on September 26th!! 
  • He has three consistent spoken words!  Mama, Dada, and Du (duck).  He also imitates a few others: da (dog), ada (all done), but hasn't used them spontaneously yet.  
  • Started waving to himself in the mirror last week.  Just in the past few days, he has waved at the dog, at his Kindermusik teacher, and at mama.
  • Cut a new tooth today!  It has been teasing us for weeks, but today it actually broke through the gum.  It's next door neighbor should be joining it any day.  (the 2 top center teeth).
  • Visited family in Dallas and went to the Texas State Fair.
  • Went to the pumpkin patch and pet a chick, pony, rabbit, and horse.
  • Went to the aquarium and loved to watch the fish.
  • Kept walking!  He zooms around the house using a little push cart from Grandma.  He actually spend a good portion of each day zooming around pushing something or another. Favorites in addition to the cart: cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, trash cans, his high chair, his stroller, large mixing bowls, and the exercise ball.
  • As of today, he has walked up to 8 steps all by himself before falling!
  • Sleep continues to be rough.  But, we're getting through it : )  
  • Eating has also become somewhat difficult--he really doesn't like to eat.  But, we're continuing to offer him something at each meal.  We've started giving him a lot of food that is easy for him to self feed:  cereal, banana halves (he can scrape of chunks using his bottom teeth--resourceful little guy!), kiwi quarters, avocado slices.  That seems to keep him a bit happier.  Today he actually fed himself 3 bites of applesauce with his own spoon! I was majorly impressed.
  • If we had to pick some favorite foods at this point...I'd go with applesauce, anything blended with applesauce (I make a lot of smoothies for him with applesauce or yogurt mixed with frozen fruits and flax seed), yogurt, soup (he's tried vegetable & chicken noodle), and bananas.  Note the lack of vegetables on this list.  He used to love sweet potatoes and carrots but has been rejecting them lately....We've also been letting him try most things we are eating ourselves for dinner.  That has gone over pretty well, too.
PICTURES!  These are from the Pumpkin Patch adventure this past weekend.

Petting the miniature horse
Sitting in the pumpkin patch looking very sincere
Stopping for a tasty snack
I'd like this one, please
Petting the horse--no pulling the mane!
On the hayrack ride towards the patch
Quick!  Take a picture before he notices we put a hat on his head!

Don't mess with my pumpkin.  Seriously.

A bird's eye view of the patch.
Nice chicky


Happy happy happy 10 months, Lincoln.  We love you!


  1. What fun ....Lincoln, you are my favorite punkin :] I was wondering if you still had the little hat. I remember you bought it last spring on the way home from visiting cousin Cody.
    Happy 10 months, Lincoln.
    Love and kisses,

  2. sweetness. noticed he says mama and dada, so those signs may never come! but hey, at least he said your name before he said dog. :)

  3. Love the hat-it completes the outfit.


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