Too Many Choices! Please Help Me Choose!

Thursday, September 10, 2009
I am horrendous at making decisions.  Especially when I have to choose ONE thing out of literally THOUSANDS of choices.  My whole evening has been spent sorting through fabric after fabric choice at  Soooo--I am to the point where I have narrowed down my options to 8.  That is quite an accomplishment for me.  I'm hoping you will help me out by taking a quick poll!  The fabric is going to be used for this bag.  My birthday is next week (weeee!), and I am so excited because that bag is my parent's gift.  I plan to use it for a combo purse/diaper bag.  I am so tired of our huge diaper bag and so excited to be trading it in for a mini version!  Below are my final choices.  Please pick which you think would look best by voting in the poll.  Thank you thank you!  I'll let you know which one I go with : )

Thank you!!


  1. I voted dancing red flowers but I think in my mind it ties with classic red vines.

  2. i agree with Sam. I like the classic Red vines, any match your nursery? will it go in the laundry room?

  3. I like Amelia because it looks fun and not like something your mother would carry :] That's what it will come down to...will this make me look like my mother :] I know you too well Kelly.
    Your mother

  4. My choice was between the island blossoms and red vines. i opted for the island blossoms because it's more fun and not as safe.


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