Saturday's Story: The Birth of Greg

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Lacy e-mailed me to offer to share her birth story here on the blog, and WOW is it a story!  What a strong woman you are, Lacy.  Thank you for sharing!

"My birth story is probably like no other to most.. My child was born at a military hospital and I was induced at 39wks because my right kidney was under a lot of stress.. 

On Friday January 30th, 2009 Dr. Ware from L&D called and informed me that Dr. Wakefield wanted me in there at 0715.. I was there and my nurse got everything set up.. She was nice but she argued with a lot of everything anyone said including Dr. Wakefield.. The nurse setting my iv up blew my vein in my right hand and let me just say OUCH!! They ended up putting it in my left forearm again ouch just not as bad.. Dr. Wakefield checked me at 0845 and I was still a four.. =( He said we'd start the pitocin and go from there.. Which was started at around 0920 of course I felt them soon but nothing I couldn't handle, every 30 minutes they came in there and upped it.. By 1300 they were every 1-2 minutes apart and I wanted an epidural but I was trying to hold out.. Dr. Wakefield came in at 1330 and broke my water before he had time to stand up I was about to scream from pain.. He said Lacy this is going to go fast since last time with your first son and we'll be checking you a lot.. So the nurse had already told Donn that I was wanting an epidural so he got me all set up.. However he had to stop cause Dr. Wakefield and nurse's came running because of my pulse falling thankfully it picked up and he was able to finish.. I kept telling the nurse the pain was so much worse and I kept gushing water it was splashing all over the place and I had never had that happen with Nikolas.. Donn stayed around because last time my blood pressure and pulse fell.. I ended up at 1415 having to get another boost because the pain was outrageous in my pelvic area and Donn also ended up having to give me something because of my blood pressure, and pulse.. I ended up falling asleep after the second dose for a little bit.. At around 1515 the nurse had me roll over from the waist up to my right side and as soon as it happened Greg fell off the monitors.. She tried for a bit to get him and then went and got another nurse. At this point Jon had nothing to eat or drink.. So I told him to run to the waiting room get a drink and something to snack on I'd be fine.. So both nurse's (were looking for Greg's heart rate) kept saying to each other what's that noise I couldn't hear anything that much because of the oxygen mask I was wearing.. They were talking about it being a pet blah blah.. About that time Jon walks in and is behind the curtain and they ask him if he has a pet with him, Mom stands up and listens for a second and goes that's a baby and yanks the sheet back... There lay Gregory and the placenta, and lots of blood every where by this time the nurses are screaming "oh my god" they drop me back Jon gets to where he can see and as soon as I saw his face I start freaking out, hyperventilating.. The nurses aren't saying anything to me finally Mom and Jon tell me that Greg is fine..

Thankfully Greg and I are both fine.. Because of everything there was no doctor or midwife.. Dr. Wakefield couldn't come he was in a c-section.. The midwife came in and stitched me up I have a 3rd degree tear in the same area as the first.. Can we say holy mother of all it hurts? Greg was laid on my stomach almost asap to warm him up while SSGT. F (who was leaving for the day and heard everything) got the warmer going.. At least 5-10 minutes had passed and SSGT. F. asked the two nurses what time was it when they found Greg they go "Um don't know" he called it at 1538 they have him at 20 inches long and 8lbs.. Evidently once we got to the MBU he was re-weighed and was 5lbs 10oz.."


  1. What a birth!!! So glad to hear everyone came away healthy.

  2. Wow! Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures :)


  3. definitely a story like no other, thanks so much for sharing!!


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