i heart faces: nostalgia

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When I saw what the theme was for this week's i face's contest, I knew exactly what to pick. Now that we are living in the hot and humid south, I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss the cool weather (and even the snow) from our days in Denver. So, my nostalgia pick is from the biggest snow storm we had while living in Colorado. It was December 20th (I know this because that also happens to be Lucas' birthday) and when we woke up, there was just a hint of snow falling. Lucas had his last final that day (he was in grad school at CU Boulder) and left as normal to drive the 30 minutes there. While he was gone, it was as if the snow just started DUMPING in buckets from the sky. Seriously, it was soon covering the wheels of our cars in the parking lot of our apartment. Lucas left to come home and the 30 minute drive it took him to get there turned into a 4 HOUR trip home (happy birthday, right?)...in all, we had about 33" of snow. The city pretty much shut down--Lucas' car got stuck coming into the apartment complex, and we had to dig him out with a dustpan. All we did was push it to the side of the road, where it stayed for the next week. Flights were cancelled, people had to camp out at the airport.... We built a snowman outside our apartment door, and we lived on the 3rd floor of the building! It was a beautiful snow, though, and the next day we spent all afternoon playing in it. We even saw people snow shoeing across the parking lot.

As I sit in my airconditioned house tonight, I am nostalgic for cooler weather. I can't wait until the heat finally breaks here and we can spend evenings outside again. I know it won't snow here, but I can look at this picture of Lucas in the snow and be reminded of those days : )

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  1. Great Picture, we miss the cool weather so much since we have been living in the south. Hopefully we will be back to enjoying the cold weather as we are finally starting our planning to settle back out west, hopefully in denver where we can have mountains and snow.

  2. Beautiful picture! It would never snow like that down in the south where I am :) One could only dream!

  3. After 25 years, I still long to live in Denver again. I HATE, HATE, TEXAS!!!!

  4. It won't snow like that, but it just might snow a couple of inches like it did last year. :)


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