The Houston Tea Party

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Lincoln threw himself a version of the Boston tea party just before dinner the other day.  Apparently, no one told him the tea goes into the harbor, not the tile floor.

Lincoln was in the Beco on my back and as I walked through the kitchen to get glasses for the table, we happened to pass by the tea maker, which had just finished making tea.  As we passed by, I heard a swoosh, thump! followed by a "eeeee!"  Handsy McGrabsalot had managed to grab ahold of the FULL tea pitcher and had flung it to the floor.

The carnage:

The guilty party...note that sly grin of his...


  1. Fun, I can't wait till he is walking:)

  2. I hope Wembley stepped in to help with clean up :]
    Mom Beck


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