Guess Who's 8 Months Old???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Lincoln!

He has had a VERY busy month. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Let's see...

  • THIRD round trip airplane ride! (up to St. Louis for Dylan & Mikki's wedding).
  • Hit up an indoor water park.
  • Pull to stand like a pro (started this at the end of 7 proficient).
  • Real, honest to goodness, CRAWLING!  It was the strangest thing.  Last Tuesday (the 11th), Lincoln spent all day doing his usual "flop."  Then, Lucas gets home from work, and Lincoln looks at him then CRAWLS straight to him.  We haven't seen the flop since!  It was like a light bulb went on and he decided--"yep, this way is faster." (which it is.  much faster.  much to my dismay.)
  • Push from all fours into a sit.
  • Getting better at the pincer grasp--actually succeeds in getting food to his mouth after picking it up in about 1 in 4 tries now.
  • Pulls up in his crib.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Lincoln naps in his crib, and we always start him there at night, but he continually wakes himself up by crawling around, bumping his head on the side, standing up and falling...I have not gone in once in the past month to get him and haven't seen him standing there, peering over the edge (don't worry, the mattress is lowered all the way).  He also has taken to teething on the crib rail...
  • It has become quite a workout to change Lincoln's diapers.  He is a mover, that's for sure!
  • His hair is finally starting to fill in.  Minus that prominent widow's peak, of course : )
  • Babbling, babbling babbling!  He is saying all kinds of awesome things--I've heard the following consonants so far:  /p, b, d, t, m, n, l, w, ch, th/.  Mostly in the initial syllable position (ma, ba, da), but (I'm so proud), is also using /p/ in syllable final position!! (ap, op).  He is also using at least 3 distinct vowels.  There's some speech path fun for you.
  • He has a favorite book!  Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell never gets old around here.  He loves pulling open all the flaps.  He even gets excited when Lucas starts reciting the book from memory and doesn't even have the book with him.
  • He is an awesome musician.  He plays along with Lucas by pounding on the acoustic guitar or an upside down bucket.  He also kept himself entertained for a good 30 minutes the other day playing a bass guitar that we never use.
  • We have identified favorite foods:  bananas and applesauce.  
Whew!  I think that's it...I'll double check with Lucas when he gets home and add anything I've forgotten.  And now...on to the pictures!

First up:  when we were up in Omaha, a friend of mine from high school who now owns her own photography business took the cutest pictures you will ever see of Lincoln for his 6 month (really, he was 7 months, but close enough...) photo shoot.  Please stop by her blog or website to check out her amazing work.  And then, hop on over to see Lincoln's shoot.  Just a warning.  You may cry from the cuteness.  Just try not to.  Nearly impossible.

The rest:
This was supposed to be my i ♥ faces entry this week (note the bubble in the bottom right corner), but I ran out of time to enter.  So, here it is anyway!).  Also, it is super hard to blow bubbles, aim them, get the camera ready, and snap a picture before they all drift away or pop.  Just FYI.

In the 95 degree heat at the park.  Cushioned from the blazing hot swing by Daddy.

At Dylan and Mikki's reception.  It was really hot in there, so Lincoln downed about 15 ice cubes.  He seemed to enjoy it

Grandma came for a visit--Lincoln loved to help her with the latch puzzle : )

Playing the "drum."
Watching for squirrels with Wembley.

Happy 8 months, Linc Linc!  We love you!


  1. Lincoln-you are getting too big too

  2. Let me finish that comment-too big too fast.

  3. Happy Birthday Lincoln!!! Love the shot of him and Wembley looking for squirrels.

  4. Happy 8 months Lincoln...He's such a cutie.

    I subscribe to your blog because I always love seeing the pics you post.

    Plus you have great taste in shoes :) I got the red ones and they are awesome!

  5. Lincoln, Lincoln, are such a busy little guy! Your mommy and daddy must be very busy trying to keep up with you. Kisses, kisses.
    Love you, Grandma Beck

  6. cutie patootie! Happy 8-months buddy!

  7. Happy 8 months Lincoln!!!!! You are getting to be such a big boy.

    Kelly those picture your friend took are fabulous. Yours are too. :) Love the bubble.

    I better get Lily's 8 month post finished up soon. I'm running a little behind, not surprisingly.


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