Water Wednesdays!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
The past 2 Wednesdays we have been to the pool, so it seemed fitting to title this Water Wednesdays : ) Lincoln, it turns out, LOVES the water. Never would have guessed this after his first bath experience! Now, it is hard to get through a bath without getting soaked from all the splashing! The pool is one giant bathtub and Lincoln just splashed and splashed and splashed.  

Today we went to a water park, complete with slides, dumping buckets, fountains, a lazy river, and even an awesome baby pool with a zero gravity entrance (perfect for little guys like Lincoln)! My cousin, Mark, is a guard there, so he was able to get us some free passes. It was a lot of fun, although for some odd reason, Lincoln wasn't allowed to go down the big slides. Go figure : )

Reaching for the camera.

Grandma joined us for the fun!

The lifeguard there is my cousin, Mark.  The girl in the purple suit is my cousin, Naomi.  She came along to play with Lincoln before her swim meet that evening.
He loved these fountains!
Me, Lincoln, and Naomi.
Waiting with eager anticipation for the bucket to drop water!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Is that water park inside???


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