i heart faces entry: at the beach

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We live a mere 25 minutes from the beach (closer if you count mini beaches along the bay...), but we hardly ever get there.  Mostly because a trip to the beach in the summer here may melt you.  My favorite time for the beach here is in our "winter," but last year I was either hugely pregnant or taking care of a newborn, so I can't say we hit up the beach too often.  I'm looking forward to taking Lincoln there this coming winter (ok, maybe fall.  But it has to be below 95 or I'm staying home).  

My choice for entry this week is from the first winter we lived down here (we've been here 2 years).  Lucas' parents had come to visit and we drove down to the beach for a few hours.  This is his mom and dad on the beach:

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  1. That's so special, and so nicely taken.

  2. That is so sweet of you to post this picture! It is so sweet of THEM, too!

    i can't wait until J and I are grandparents and can just enjoy eachother again. But for now, we are very very happy and content to be with the babies!

  3. what an amazing photo, i've never seen galveston look so great! :) also--if you go to the beach from like 5pm-8pm in the summer, it's just perfect. actually, too cool for me, lol, because i love to melt but shay who's from MN enjoys it much better at this time.


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