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Friday, June 5, 2009
Again, this is not a blog. Not even a website. But, I felt it must be shared because it is just awesome. I only recently heard of Lisa Hannigan (she's Irish), and am wishing I had discovered her sooner. Below is the video for her song "I Don't Know." Incredible--and not just the song. Check out that art she creates! Amazing!

I Don't Know from ATO Records on Vimeo.

In other random paper cutting news, check out the giveaway over at Monkey's On the Bed!


  1. That's a beautiful son and I love the end result of the paper cutting.

  2. that is awesome at the end.

  3. The end result is amazing. I love this video! Thanks!

  4. That was great, Sailor had us watch it multiple times. I will have to get her CD.

  5. I love Lisa Hannigan...she's been a new favorite since I found her! I've never seen this video though, very cool. Makes me wanna cut some paper.


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