Happy May Day!

Friday, May 1, 2009
Happy May Day, everyone!  Did anyone get or give a May Basket today?  Lincoln and I delivered a couple this morning full of flowers and brownies.  Daddy also got a special May Basket from Lincoln made of gummy worms and twizzlers, because those are Daddy's favorite this to eat while working or driving.  I also got a May Basket from our garden!  Before my neighbor Sam moved to NC, she transplanted her pepper plant and strawberries into my garden.  Today, I harvested the first of the peppers!  They were really sweet--we had pizza for dinner and I made a tomato and pepper pizza.  Yum.

Tomorrow we are headed out to the new Farmer's Market that just started up down the street from us.  Pretty excited to finally have one in our area!  Also planned for the weekend:  yard work, finish planting the garden, clear out some junk from the house, and pick up a jumper for Lincoln (from Craig's list).  


  1. so how was that farmer's market? i really need to go check it out!


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