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Friday, May 15, 2009
So, it has been awhile since I featured a blog here.  Good thing I didn't commit myself to a day for that!  A few weeks ago, I told my friend Tasha she was up next for the featured blog spot.  Hopefully she doesn't hold it against me that I am just now putting it up here.  

I met Tasha when we were both roped into being pregnant models at a local birth fair in town.  We got to waddle down a runway showing off some pretty cute maternity clothes, which luckily were much more flattering than anything I actually owned...After the fashion show ended, I had the chance to wander about the fair and check out all the great vendors and came across Tasha's booth for her photography business, Homeshade Photography.  Lucas and I loved her work and knew we had to book her for Lincoln's newborn pictures, but after talking we discovered that our babies were due something like 3 days apart.  She was going to be taking (a well deserved) maternity leave from photography, but she still graciously insisted that she wouldn't mind working us in somehow for Lincoln's newborn pics.  So, 11 days after Lincoln was born, and 9 days after Tasha gave birth to her son, Jax, we met up and had Lincoln's picture taken.  How incredible us that?!  Tasha normally does on location shoots, but seeing as she had just had a baby, we went to her.

Lincoln's pictures turned out amazing.  He spent about 3 hours of the shoot crying, but somehow, Tasha still managed to get some awesome shots.  She is an amazing photographer.  

Here are some of my favorite sessions (from her blog):

This one is my all time favorite (for obvious and non-biased reasons, course.)

I love this senior session.  Makes me wish I could go back and re-do my own senior pics--I wish I had been this creative when I was in high school!

I can't wait until Lincoln is old enough to have his picture taken with a giant lollipop like this cutie.  I have honestly been talking about it since before he was born after I saw this picture on Tasha's blog.

So, please check out Tasha's awesome blog!  She is truly a gifted photographer!


  1. I'm heading there now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you are sooo sweet. thank you!
    we will for sure do a big lolli at his one year session!

  3. awesome photography! i cannot believe you both were able to do so much so quickly after birth! well done :)

  4. I love newborn photography.


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