Can you unplug?

Friday, May 8, 2009

My friend Jodie (we played lacrosse together in college--rather, she played and I ran up and down the field praying no one would pass me the ball because I would certainly drop it...) owns her own photography business in St. Louis.  She keeps a blog about her business, her adorable 3 kids, her husband, and life in general here.  Recently, she spent a day "unplugged" from her computer.  She spent the day enjoying her kids and family.  She enjoyed it so much she has issued a challenge to other bloggers to do the same for one day during the month of May (and from there, maybe one day each month).  I think this is a wonderful challenge.  I stay home with Lincoln, and I know I rely on the computer to feel connected to other moms and the world in general.  But what about unplugging for one day and actually connecting to moms in person, or exploring the neighborhood, or even taking time to get some things organized in the house instead of taking that same time and using it to check facebook, twitter, and google reader? 

Here is Jodie's invitation.  Please join in her mission to 'unplug' this month.  She also created this icon to post on your blog on the day you choose to unplug--that way people know where you are and that you didn't just disappear (the blogging community, virtual though it is, is full of caring and concerned readers who may worry when you aren't online without notice!)

"Do you want to check your email before brushing your teeth in the morning? 
Do you live for getting comments on your blog? Do you twitter at least 5 times 
a day? How often do you update your facebook status? How many hours a day 
is your tv on? How close to you, at this moment, is your cell phone?

Think about it.

How hard would it be for you to unplug for one entire day?

no tv.
no phone.
no computer.
no internet.

Just you. Your life and your camera.

Think you could do it?

Join us and unplug for ONE day in the month of May. Whatever day works best for you and 
your family. And then commit to it. No cheating. And document it. With photos or words or both.

Then share your day with us on your blog. June 1st. On June 1st we’ll all share our days, together,
on our blogs and spread the word to UNPLUG.  Because I think a little unplugging is just what 
we all need every once in a while. To give our creative selves a day off. To rejuvenate.
To just live. To be. Just you. Your life. Your camera.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might want to join in. 

Email me at if you have any questions!



  1. Great idea.
    I'll be unplugged for the rest of the weekend but not really by choice. We are moving.

  2. We practice a family day, though not since we moved to NC, where we unplug for 24 hours. I guess we should reinstate it now that we are settled in. We also spend no money during this time or do extra work. We have really enjoyed this weekly brake with our kids and as a couple.

  3. I love this idea. i'm going to be mentioning it soon in a post! thank you for sharing it!

    And, Happy Mother's day!


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