5 months!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Lincoln is 5 months old today!  Time for a recap of what he has accomplished this month:

  • Sits up in a tripod sit (uses arms to prop himself up)
  • Beginning to experience object permanence (i.e., when he drops the rattle, it doesn't just disappear of the face of the earth anymore--he actually looks for it!)
  • Talking up a storm!  In case you are interested, I have been documenting the consonants he is using, or has ever used, even if it was just once (that's what happens when you're a speech pathologist who is not currently working and only have one child to keep your skills sharp with):  /b, m, g, d, n, TH, w, r, l/.
  • Laughs hysterically at peekaboo, Daddy saying the phrase "I'm an egg!", and Mommy doing sit-ups (it is pretty funny, I admit).
  • Went to the beach for the first time.  Score:  Ocean-1, Lincoln-0.  There will be a rematch!
  • Pushes up all the way with arms extended, lifting tummy off the ground.
  • Has become quite an "active" nurser--each meal usually ends with a new scrape, bruise, or some more missing hair for mommy.
  • Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!
  • Loves to suck on his toes, especially while changing his diaper.
And, of course, we have his 5 month photo shoot!  Because he is just the cutest baby ever!!

Eat those toes!
Mmmm, tasty flower.

Wembley is always trying to lick the baby--toes, hands, feet, face...this is always accompanied by the sound "Wembley, no!  Stop licking the baby!  Wembley!  Seriously, Wem--Wembley, no more!  Go get your toy.  Come on, go get it.  Argggh!"
Happy 5 months, Lincoln!


  1. The last photo can melt a grandmother's heart.


  2. Oh Kelly,
    Lincoln has grown so much over the las five months. He is absolutely darling. You should be so proud.

  3. Happy 5 months! love those apple cheeks!

  4. He's getting so big. I just love the pictures


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