why, iMovie, why?

Friday, April 24, 2009
So, today I went to upload I video of Lincoln from our camera.  It uses an SD card and we have a USB port we plug it in with into the computer (a macbook).  Usually what happens is imovie opens up right away and all the movie clips on the SD card are displayed in the import selection page.  Today?  I plug in card and....nothing.  Doesn't recognize it is even there.  Try to go into the menu, and all the files are gray (meaning can't open them).  I put the card back in the camera (after panic sets in that all our movies of Lincoln are gone), and whew, the video clips all still play there.  I restart the computer, plug the card back in the port, and....nothing.  WHY???  Can anyone suggest something else to try?


  1. are you plugging the camera right into the computer or do you have a card reader that you are plugging your SD card into, and then into the camera??

  2. We have a card reader that I put the card in after I take it out of the camera. I then plug the reader into the USB port. When recording, the card goes straight into the camera.

  3. Hi, Kelly-

    Here goes.

    Check the following:

    * the USB cable you're using (steal the one from your printer and try it instead, if it will fit)

    * that the card reader is working; does it have an indicator light of any kind? If so, is it on when plugged in, with or without the card in it (bear in mind, a USB cable has 4 wires in it, and the ones that supply power may be fine, while the ones that transfer data could be bad. Best to check the cable [see above])?

    * does OS X recognize that the card reader is plugged in? You can check using Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder [Go -> Utilities in Finder]), or in the System Profiler (also in the Utilities, or by clicking "More Info" on the "About This Mac" window).

    * can iMovie pull the file directly off of the camera? Plug in the cable that came with the came with the camera, and try putting the camera in "play" mode.

    If you've checked all of these, you can try resetting the PRAM on the machine (really, this could be the first thing you do... I've seen it fix a TON of stuff). To reset PRAM, restart the computer, and as soon as you hear the "bong" (and you hear the optical drive make its little noise while checking whether there is a disc in the drive), press and hold Command+Option+P+R. The power will cycle every few seconds until you release the keys. Let it restart twice, then let it boot up, and try iMovie again.

    Let me know which (if any of these) works... if none, e-mail me and I can see if I can come up with anything else.

    Good luck!

  4. UGH! We have hte same problems. What a pain- it's only this computer though! [or rather, the printer... it's an odd set up]


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