Sunday Suppers: Cakes

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Ok, pulling this out under the wire here, but technically, it is still Sunday.  Also, this is not really a supper post, but it is food related, so I am counting it.  We had ice cream for dinner tonight (that's right, ice cream.  no regrets there, either.), so it really didn't justify a blog post. Instead, I thought I'd share some of the amazing cake creations that me and my friends Zandy and Christina have made--really, I just helped some on the decorating.  Zandy and Christina did most of the work, including the baking.  I was usually too pregnant or too holding a fussy baby to be of much assistance on any of them after the first cake we did...

Zandy recruited Christina and I to help make a train cake for her sister-in-law's baby shower, which is how the cake creating fun got started.  Below is the finished cake--it took forever and was tons of work, but we were (are) really proud of it!

Next up, Christina wanted to make a truck for her husband's surprise birthday party.  I had very little to do with this one (left early because I was tired...oh, pregnancy fun!), but they did an awesome job.

I actually had nothing at all to do with the next one, other than helping to eat it.  This one they made for my baby shower, so I was not invited to the cake decorating fun for this one!  I have to say, they put on one excellent shower.  And, that is the cutest cake ever.

In between the shower cake and the cake below, there were a couple others that Zandy and Christina did.  I don't have pics of those because Lincoln was a newborn and I didn't venture out to help, but I am sure they were excellent.  The one below was our first foray into fondant. Much more work to color fondant than expected!  This one was for a wedding shower.

Below are some "action" shots of the most recent cake we did--this one was for a friend's son who was turning 1 and wanted a pirate themed cake.  Lincoln came with me to help (see below with Zandy and Christina).  He loves cake.

Another pic of Lincoln "helping" with Christina.  He was awfully cute in his plaid shorts and "new" Robeez shoes from the consignment shop =]

The cake, "in-progress."  I took Lincoln home after icing the brown and orange parts on the boat.  Zandy did the rest all by herself and sent the next picture later....

Didn't she do a great job???

So, there is a sneak peek into our little cake decorating hobby.  We are gradually learning more each time we try and having lots of fun doing it!

Next week, I'll get back to some recipes...


  1. Wow, your cakes are awesome!!! I love, love them all especially the last one.


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