New FuzziBunz!

Monday, April 13, 2009
A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to be a winner on a giveaway held over at A Psych Mommy.

When we returned from Omaha, I found waiting for me in our mailbox my wonderful prize:  3 of the new-style, one size FuzziBunz diapers in white, sage, and aqua!  This prize was sponsored by Tereson Dupuy, founder and CEO of Mother of Eden and inventor of FuzziBunz. I was beyond excited to see these waiting for me!

Before we had even unpacked our bags from the trip, I had already opened these up and was exploring the new adjustable elastic in the legs and back and was marveling over how soft the microfleece was.  The other FuzziBunz in our stash came secondhand from Diaper Swappers, so we had never felt the softness of new microfleece!  Just how soft is it?  I'll quote my husband for that.  I'm sure he won't mind.

Lucas:  "Man, that is soft!  I would wear that."

Yep.  They are that soft.

I got them all washed up and prepped yesterday so that Lincoln could test drive them today for the first time.  We had to experiment a bit with the elastic sizing to find the perfect fit, but once we did they snapped right on.  Because these have the adjustable elastic, they only have one row of snaps across the top of the diaper instead of 2 like the sized FuzziBunz.  Each diaper also came with 2 inserts, which is great because we are always hunting for those around here!

These fit Lincoln really well.  They are a little bulkier than the sized diapers, but we will be able to use them much longer.  For Lincoln's size, I didn't have any trouble snapping his onesie over the diapers, but with tiny newborns, the bulk might make for a tight fit for snaping those tiny newborn onesies closed!  Although, if you are in a hot and humid climate like us, you could probably just get away with a diaper and t-shirt combo and be good to go =]

One of the features I am most excited about (besides the adjustable elastic and super soft microfleece...) is the warranty!  These come with a lifetime warranty on the snaps, 6 months on the workmanship, and 18 months on the elastic (with a note that even if the elastic wears out outside of warranty, the company will send easy-replace elastic for just a small fee!). 

Onto the pictures.  Um, I got a bit carried away with the picture taking.  The buddy was in a particularly good mood, and I couldn't pick my favorites, so you are getting them all.

So, a big thank you to both Shari at A Psych Mommy and Tereson at FuzziBunz for Lincoln's new diapers!  He (and I....and Lucas, too!) love them!


  1. i love love love the one size. we have 5 of them so far. i wish i had held out 4 weeks and gotten just those. they fit jax soo much better because i can make the thighs so much smaller. even the smalls are still a little too big and leak at the inner thigh. almost no leakage with the one size. i love them.

  2. Aww, how cute is your son in his new diapers? Glad you like them! Aren't Fuzzibunz great!

  3. I can't attest to the wonderful qualities of these diapers, but it looks like Lincoln is happy wearing them :] It also looks like Lincoln got a new toy. New diapers, new doesn't get much better.
    Have fun.
    Grandma Beck

  4. I have a question for you. I have used disposables for my two boys (2.5 and 1.5) but I want to try cloth for the next baby. How big is Lincoln, and do you think it's best to get the Perfect Fit ones or do the one-size ones really fit well enough from the beginning? Does that make sense?

  5. I love cloth diapering, congrats on your winnings!

    You sure do have a cutie there, he is going to be a heart breaker for sure!

  6. Tasha: How is Jax? Is the teething getting any better?
    Marin: sent you an e-mail =]
    Mom: Yep, hit up the consignment shops and got Lincoln some new (to us) stuff.
    Shari: Thanks again!
    Catherine: Thanks so much!
    Jennie: Thank you =]

  7. I love your review and pictures!
    I'm currently using Bumgenius but I must admit i'm really drawn to trying the Fuzzibuns now!

    [P.S...What a gorgeous little boy :) ]

  8. Lincoln is such a cute little boy. You must be so proud!

  9. cute! We use and love fuzzi bunz too

  10. so cute!! i love fuzzi bunz too. i only have the 'perfect sized' ones though and have been tempted to try one sized ones. as i have THREE in diapers. :0)

  11. Awww how cute is that!!! We <3 fuzzi bunz over here too!

  12. If I had a nickle for every dad / man who said "I would wear that" I am tempted to make them with sports team logos and a beer holder on the side LOL. Then I let them know they do come in adult sizes for our geriatric and incontinent population and they are like "oh really?" Men are funny. But I have to say - fathers have been some of FuzziBunz biggest cheer leaders. At a recent trade show one father said "FuzziBunz saved his life" - he has triplets and had to give me a big hug. He was a hoot.

    Glad you love the One Size! He is adorable.

    Tereson (of FuzziBunz)


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