Free Shampoo and new bedding

Thursday, April 16, 2009
In need of some new shampoo, Lincoln and I went on a field trip yesterday to Wal-mart (try to contain your excitement here...).  We had to get a few other things as well, so it did turn out to be a pretty productive trip.  I know what you're can this warrant a blog post? Surely there is something more interesting to write about then what you bought at Wal-mart?

Well, friends...the answer is...not especially =]  We've just been hanging out today and Lincoln is enjoying his nap at the moment and the most interesting thing I can think of right now happens to be the free shampoo I got and the new bedding set I found.  Boring sometimes happens.

First, the shampoo.  I have never really been able to get into spending a lot for hair care products. My hair is (almost) always in a ponytail, so it isn't like I spend a ton of time on it. Suave and I were friends for awhile, but in the past few years I've been a fan of Aussie.  As I was searching for the easy to locate purple Aussie bottles, my eye caught a flyer hung around the neck of another bottle:  Try Me For Free!  Well, alright, if you insist.  The bottle is a new brand Wal-Mart is carrying called Organix.  All natural, organic active ingredients, sulfate and paraben free, the bottles are made from recycled post consumer resin, and even the label film is made from corn and printed with environmentally friendly ink.  The hardest decision I had to make was the flavor (I know the correct word is scent, but I have always referred to scents of shampoos, lotions, deoderants, etc. as flavors and it doesn't seem to be a habit I am able (willing, maybe?) to break...) to choose.  My choices were:  pomegranate green tea, coconut milk, mandarin olive oil, shea butter, and white tea grapeseed.  They offer other "flavors" as well on their website, but our Wal-mart just carried those I listed.  I went with pomegranate green tea (for those of you biting your nails in anticipation =]).  It smells delicious and I'm not kidding when I say I thought about tasting it when shampooing my hair this morning (it is organic...).  Don't worry, I didn't.  So, all that to say that all I have to do is send in my receipt and the rebate form and I have myself a $6.00 bottle of organic shampoo for free.  I don't know how long the offer will go on, but next time you are at the store (that link will tell you which retailers carry Organix), you might check the shampoo aisle and get yourself some free shampoo!

Moving on...

The new bedding--on clearance, queen size comforter, 2 pillow shams, reusable packaging (button-up shoulder bag), organic cotton.  yay!

And a picture of the buddy for the road.  Doesn't he look sharp in those shorts?  (Lucas says only moms say someone looks sharp--is this true?)


  1. Studly little buddy

  2. Interesting post!! Your bedding set is perfect for summer time... I like it's fabric...


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